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Cheesman Park, Denver is located in the Southeast area of Downtown. It is bordered approximately by Race St and the Denver Botanic Gardens, CO on the East and Humboldt St. to the West and surrounded by stately private residences. It is a rather dense urban neighborhood offering mid-rise, high- rise apartments and condos as well as having the historic Districts of Wymans, Morgans Addition and Humboldt Island with late 19th and early 20th century architecture Cheesman Park,CO was originally Prospect Hill Cemetery which also included the Denver Botanic Gardens and Congress Park land. The US Congress donated the land and Denver businessman Walter Cheesman’s family donated the Classic Pavilion located on the east side of the park in his memory The Park was originally designed by German-Born and well known Denver landscape Architect Reinhard Schuetze Converting an active cemetery into a park created quite an uproar at the time, since the bodies needed to be relocated to other cemeteries after families had been identified. Lots of history surrounding the area that would be fun to read about. Cheesman Park is also well know in Denver for it’s LGBT involvement. Notable LGBT events would include Pridefest, Denver that begins in Cheesman Park and travels to Civic Center Park, CO during June each year. The Aids Walk, Denver is another popular event in September